Benefits of hiring a newbie wedding photographer



As I am new to the scene, my calendar for year is not fully booked. So keep me in your books if you are planning a weekend wedding, as I may be available as a last minute option - should anything go wrong with your current photographer.


Compared to most photographers already in the industry with loads of experience, as an early career photographer - I charge substantially more affordable rates in comparison.


I am solo, not a warehouse of photographers under a single entity. The work samples you see on my website are by the same photographer you will get on the day of your wedding.


Being super fresh to the scene of wedding photography, I have that 'everything is exciting' enthusiasm to capture your day, that say a seasoned wedding photographer who has done the rounds - taking countless photos of 100s, maybe even 1000s of weddings. And an enthusiastic and not too routine perspective and approach, I have that new photographer passion to capture all those candid moments I have not seen hundreds or thousands of times.