Weddings, Bouquets & Flowers


I learnt a lot of new flower names when I was planning the flowers for my wedding. The hardest part what figuring which flowers were in season and would be blooming during the date of my wedding.

I used fresh flowers for the bridal party bouquets and for the reception, and used only fake flowers for the flower ball the flower girl was holding as she walked down the aisle - most affordable and practical option at the time.

As my bridesmaids were wearing navy at the time, I thought it would be nice for them to have all white flower bouquets, and wearing white as the bride, I thought I could go all out with some colours in my bouquet.

SEE AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE for flowers names of flowers I used (during my August 29th wedding).

Inspired from my bridal bouquet, I used the same, colours and theme for the centrepiece arrangement for the reception tables...

I saved money by purchasing my flowers wholesale and then getting a local florist to put together an arrangement. The florist could figure out the style I wanted, based on the three A4 pages filled with lots of pictures of flower arrangements I loved. The florist made everything from the men's floral pins, to reception flowers and the bridal bouquets - all up for a total cost of about $1400. Sounds a lot, but shop around and you'll see I made a saving - considering I used lots of roses too.

Other ways I saved on the florals/flowers, for any random empty spaces I wanted to fill with a decoration i.e. the bathroom or an odd empty space at the venue - I bought beautiful clean white orchids from Coles supermarket at $30 a pop (Already potted). As this beautiful white flower matched my beachside wedding.

Flowers I used for my August wedding:

...Bouquets + Reception...

Ranunculi (Apricot, White)

David Austin Roses (Patience, white)

Roses (Pink, Crimson, red etc)

...Men's pins...

Anemones (White flowerBlue/black centre)

Black Pivot Berry