An office building in Sydney worth visiting - 1 Bligh Street


I had set up a meeting with lawyers and never visited this address before. But WOW! If you are absolutely fascinated or admire architecture, especially modern, this I feel is a must see if you come visit Sydney. Accessing the elevators to get higher up is difficult unless you have a purpose to visiting the many commercial residents in this office building - as security is strict and you need a visitors card to even access a floor. You can't wander around this building. There are not many buildings with a hollow centre, a magnificent and grand sight to see.

This building has won dozens of awards, which I was not aware of until I started researching this building - due to having my breathe taken away at the sight of it. Quite a few of those awards were for sustainability.

FUN FACT! This building has Australia's largest green wall (vertical garden) on the ground floor.

See below for the images I was able to take on my iPhone 10 when I visited in July 2019.

Gotta love amazing architecture and design <3